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“hysterical” (London, BBC) - “wicked, cutting and politically incorrect” (Judge, Toronto, Picture This Festival) - “audacious and humorous” (Festival Director, Melbourne, Other Film Festival)

November 23, 2008 @ National Communication Association, San Diego, CA

Mickee Faust's Gimp Parade

Far from the Magic Empire ruled by a certain unctuous mousie, another type of rodent skulks – Mickee Faust, King Rat of a band of sardonic miscreants known as the Faustkateers. The sewer-dwelling Rat and his mixed-ability minions have long conspired to control the lucrative disability-themed video market!

Here are the combined fruits of their criminal labors — Mickee Faust's Gimp Parade! Featuring wicked parodies of classic disability films; savage impersonations of beloved telethon hosts; nasty takes on evacuation PSAs, game shows, Princeton philosophers, and the like. Critically slammed and critically acclaimed in film festivals throughout the world!

Included movies

Disability Factor (2008)

(15:00) “Disability Factor” is an exciting reality game show in which the disabled—competing for the Grand Prize of the right to die—are pitted against each other in a series of Catch-22 challenges. Hosted by dashing Tourettes “survivor” Top Mostly, and senile co-host Vanna Grey.

Professor Ringer Answers Your Questions on... (2008)

(5:00) Professor Saul Ringer takes on the tricky topic of ethics and euthanasia. In an easy-to-follow lesson, the Professor shows us the proper way for deciding when and if our loved ones need to be ushered out of existence.

Dis(aster)abilities: Special Needs for Special Times (2007)

(6:10) “Dis(aster)abilities” is a parody of a corporate training film: “You and your special needs employees, working together, can turn a simple emergency into a full-blown tragedy. Contact Donna Marie Nudd for more information.

The Scary Lewis Yell-A-Thon (2004)

(13:00) “The Scary Lewis Yell-a-thon” is a darkly comic look at televised charity telethons that raise funds to “help” people with disabilities. The video features a seedy Jerry Lewis-like emcee, complete with sidekick Dead McMahon. The out-of-pocket Yell-a-thon's single talent act is Little Lori Little, a baton twirler with cerebral palsy. After a mishap with flaming batons, Scary Lewis introduces the charity's moneymaker, Teensy Weensy Tiny Teena, a tear-inducing Inspirational Cripple.

Annie Dearest: The Real Miracle Worker (2002)

(6:04) “Annie Dearest” is a video parody of the classic film “The Miracle Worker,” which originally stared Patty Duke as deaf/blind Helen Keller and Anne Bancroft as Anne Sullivan, Helen's mentor and tormentor. Disability World heralded Annie Dearest as one of the “25 most outstanding disability films . . . in the last five years.”

And six more comic video shorts. . .

  • I Know Why the Caged Rats Sing (2008)
  • Mock Apologia (2002)
  • Rats and Roaches (2008)
  • Mr. Handchops (2006) More
  • Letter to Penthouse (2002)
  • I Know Why the Caged Rats Sang (2008)


A co-production of Diane Wilkins Productions
and Mickee Faust Films

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WARNING: Contains mature content

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